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Movie Popcorn

Friday night = 🍿 and 🎥 night! We’ll supply the popcorn oils, you grab the movie! Ingredients: air popped or lightly salted bagged popcorn 1/4 cup Big Horn Butter or Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/4-1/2 tsp dry Italian seasoning 1/4 tsp dried rosemary •dried chili flakes, optional, to taste salt and pepper, to taste Directions: […]

Scrumptious Autumn Salad Recipe Idea

Serving up a scrumptious autumn salad that makes a perfect anytime meal or festive holiday side. Featuring (seasonal) StonyBrook Butternut Squash Seed Oil & Big Horn Coconut Balsamic, this salad is LOADED with seasonal flavor! Salad includes: mixed greens, rotisserie chicken, candied sweet & spicy pecans, apple slices, cheddar-gruyere cheese, salt, pepper and vinaigrette.