Creamy Whipped Avocado 🥑 “Hummus”

Fresh, festive, and likely one of the most memorably unique dips you’ve ever had! This delicious-&-nutritious take on hummus is sure to be a standout at cookouts, Super Bowl parties, and anywhere else that calls for whipped-avo goodness.



Step 1: Rinse and drain beans.

Step 2: Peel and pit avocados.

Step 3: Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend until you reach desired consistency.

Step 4: Garnish with extra beans and freshly cracked pepper or minced garlic.

Serving Guidelines

How should I store the dip before it’s ready to be enjoyed?

The lemon juice, in addition to adding a flavorful zest, will help prevent the avocado from doing that unpleasant ‘browning thing’ (i.e., succumbing to oxidization). Gently pressing a layer of plastic wrap in direct contact with the dip can help, too. This trick eliminates the layer of air between the dip and plastic, thus slowing oxidization.

How long can I store the dip before use?

Ideally, you’ll want to make this dip the same day as the event at which it’ll be enjoyed. Food safety is always paramount, so store the dip in the fridge until it’s ready for consumption.

Any presentation tips & tricks?

Once you’re ready to break out the hummus, simply remove the plastic wrap, and give ‘er a stir (preferably with a whisk). BUT, be careful to not stir too much! Getting carried away with stirring may cause the dip to ‘flatten’ by working out the pillowy pockets of air your food processor infused.

After a quick stir, feel free to get creative with the garnish! It’s excellent as is, but don’t be afraid to add some spicy-&-colorful cayenne pepper, tried-&-true cracked black pepper, any sort of green, leafy garnish, or anything else you think might work well!

Enjoy! 😊