Decadent Spanish Hot Chocolate

☕✨ Indulge in Decadence: Big Horn’s Spanish-Style Hot Chocolate 🍫🌶️

Get ready for a luxurious experience delivered through the rich aroma of unsweetened Mashpi cocoa powder, perfectly balanced with just the right amount of sugar and a hint of corn starch for that ideal consistency.

But what sets this hot chocolate apart is the secret touch of sophistication – a teaspoon of Raspberry Dark Balsamic and an extra hint of cocoa powder, adding layers of depth to every sip.

And to top things off with a bit of a kick? Big Horn’s Chipotle Olive Oil! Our Chipotle Infused EVOO lends a subtle, smoky heat that dances on your palate, turning every sip into a flavor adventure.

Trust us, you’ll be glad you decided to level up your hot chocolate!



Step 1: Whisk together cocoa powder, sugar and corn starch in a small saucepan.

Step 2: Pour Raspberry Balsamic, Chipotle Olive Oil, & cold water into cocoa mixture and start cooking at medium low heat, stirring constantly.

Step 3: Cook until it thickens and serve immediately in two small mugs.

Serving Ideas / Enhancements:

Dip churros, French toast, or Almondina cookies into the super thick chocolate for an extra treat!

Also, the recipe can easily be doubled or tripled, but be sure to still serve in small mugs as it is supremely rich (especially without milk or cream).