Autumn Citrus Maple Salad

This fall-themed salad serves up a delectable balance of nutty butternut complimented by notes of bright autumn-citrus flavors… yum!

This salad not only speaks “fall”, but it’s chock-full of wonderful, wholesome ingredients. To name a few along with their benefits:

  • Butternut Squash – It’s rich in nutrients such as Vitamins A & C, potassium, and antioxidants
  • Baby Arugula – Do your organs a solid by eating arugula! This vaguely spicy veggie boasts magnesium, folate, Vitamin C, and beta-carotene – all of which help you be your best self.


– 1 Cup Butternut Squash (diced and roasted)
– 1 Tbs. Big Horn Extra Virgin Olive Oil + a Pinch of Salt
– 1/3 Cup Dried Cranberries
– 1/3 Cup Roasted Pepitas
– 2 Cups Baby Arugula (roughly chopped)
– 4 Oz. Crumbled Feta Cheese

Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette:
– 1/4 Cup Big Horn Blood Orange Olive Oil
– 1/4 Cup Big Horn Maple Balsamic Vinegar
– 2 Tsp. Mustard
– 1/4 Tsp. Sea Salt & Black Pepper (to taste)


Step 1: Pre heat oven to 425 degrees F.

Step 2: Mix squash with olive oil and sprinkle with salt to taste.

Step 3: Bake for 15 minutes, turn and bake another 15-20 minutes until golden brown and tender.

Step 4: Cool.

Step 5: Combine dressing ingredients, and set aside.

Step 6: In a bowl add the cranberries, pepitas, cooled butternut squash.

Step 7: Pour the dressing and toss together.

Step 8: Add in the chopped greens.

Step 9: Plate salad and top with feta cheese.