Hojiblanca olive oil has arrived

Australian Hojiblanca olive oil has just graced our shelves. What a treat this season’s harvest brings! Our mildest olive oil boasts a 242.7 biophenol count, and that’s exciting for olive oil lovers everywhere. We have learned that live antioxidants promote heart health and help fight chronic diseases. Did you know you can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol with unripened olive oil? UC Davis Olive Center is a wealth of information if you’d like to know more.

We have also brought in Picholine olive oil and Coratina olive oil from Australia. Our Chilean olive oils are Arbequina olive oil, Picual olive oil, and Koroneiki olive oil. Both Hojiblanca Arbequina oils carry biophenol levels in the mild range and are wonderful on the palate. Both Picholine olive oil and Picual olive oil star as our medium level oils this season. If you’re looking for more oomph, you’ll find it in our robust Coratina olive oil and Koroneiki olive oil.

Because we know good olive oil is hard to find, it’s important to share our quality product with the public. Our love for fresh and delicious olive oils is what keeps Big Horn Olive Oil Company going! We take pride in supplying the unadulterated product at affordable prices. When you find a solid source, stick with it. You’ll never regret adding healthy olive oil to your diet. We’re happy to keep in stock for you. Come by one of our tasting rooms to sample the latest crop of ultra premium olive oils. We would love to hear about your favorite selection for the season.

Whether you are a fan of Hojiblanca, Arbequina or Coratina olive oils, Big Horn Olive Oil Company samples daily. Stop by with a group for a tasting tour. Where else can you go to enjoy fresh olive oils and gourmet goodies? Let us know you’re coming with a group, and we’ll break out a spread for you. We’ll see you soon.