Is drinking olive oil good for your health

Drinking olive oil should be part of a healthy diet if it really is good for us. But do we really want to drink olive oil? When I first heard about the idea, I wasn’t too keen. However, different types of olive oil have been proven to improve human health. Olive oil that’s pressed from unripened olives maintains healthy antioxidants. Olive oil for cooking should be fresh and full of nutrition. Whether you are drinking olive oil or using olive oil for cooking, make sure your source is solid. Experts have found much of the oils imported to the U.S. is actually canola oil. Imagine pouring that down your gullet! If you’re seriously considering drinking olive oil for health, consult your physician first.

Consuming adulterated olive oil can be harmful to your health. We have all read how different types of olive oil are good for different purposes. Have you thought of the reality that not all olive oils are equal? It’s not pleasant to think that someone is selling us a poor quality product and calling it olive oil. But it happens. And it happens more than we think. Imagine what drinking canola oil would do to your health. We’re pretty sure that’s not what you have in mind when you think of drinking olive oil.

So what’s the solution to this problem? All we can recommend is that you know your sources. Big Horn Olive Oil Company makes every effort to preserve all the nutrition in all our products. Good olive oil with antioxidants can be a very healthy part of your daily diet. If you’re consuming healthful oil, you’re ahead of a lot of people. Just using olive oil for cooking can promote heart and vascular health. As Americans, we can all use a little help in those areas. Anything you can do to improve your health is a smart move, and we’re glad to be on the journey with you.