Not just any old olive oil and balsamic vinegar will do

The range in quality of olive oil and balsamic vinegar is broad and confusing. Do we want aged oil and vinegar? Or, should our extra virgin olive oil sit around? What is Balsamic Condimento? And, if balsamic vinegar is aged, what is its shelf life?

Here at Big Horn, we have all had the same questions. How do you know your olive oil is fresh? Is this the real deal? Can we tell the difference between our product and the stuff at the olive oil market? Sometimes it’s anyone’s guess if the aged balsamic vinegar they just bought is authentic. When food isn’t a part of your daily diet, you most likely don’t know much about it. This happens to be the case with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

The Italian mafia has swindled Americans out of hundreds of billions of dollars through oil and vinegar corruption. And they get away with it because the consumer is ignorant. Once your palate is exposed to genuine aged balsamic vinegar, there is no going back. And you’ll probably notice the difference right away. That stuff you’re served in a restaurant can just be wine vinegar with a lot of caramel coloring. When you taste any of the top-notch balsamic vinegars in our tasting rooms, you’ll notice the difference right away.

When you’re spending good money on healthy foods, it doesn’t make sense to drown them in adulterated olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Adding unhealthy ingredients to our nutritious meals defeats the purpose. Part of pursuing better health is paying attention to ingredients. They can make or break your health-conscious meal planning. Stop by a tasting room to stock up on high-quality oils, vinegars and gourmet olives. We want to support your efforts to eat right and preserve good health.