There is a whole scandalous world behind olive oil production

Wherever you find quality olive oils, you will also find folks trying to make a dishonest buck. Don’t take our word for it. Criminals have their hands in the olive oil mills, and they’re passing corrupted oils to the United States. 60 Minutes ran an expose on fraud in the industry, and boy did they have our attention! Did you know that most quality olive oil comes from Spain? That’s right. Most people think the best olives grow in Italy. The truth is, Spain is the world’s top olive producer. While geography doesn’t matter, quality really does.

When you think of the money made from exporting olive oil, you realize no country will ever ship their best product out. They simply want to enjoy it for themselves. And that is perfectly ok. As long as the olive oil mill that produces your oil crushes unripened olives and takes proper care of the yield. When you shop with Big Horn Olive Oil Company, you can rest assured your olive oils are fresh, whole and unadulterated oils. We carry the world’s best exported olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Every business wants to make money. We have learned you don’t have to charge a lot for quality olive oil. You just need to have a solid business model. has just that.

The great news about true olive oil is that is healthy and has many uses. We even convert to butter to olive oil in our baking recipes. With real olive oil, you can safely cook up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. We grill, marinade, saute and do everything else with our oils and vinegars. Since you may be new to Big Horn Olive Oil Company, you may want to check out recipes on our website or Facebook page under Big Horn Olive Oil Company.

Whether you are new with high quality olive oil, or have been appreciating for years, we’re so glad you’re shopping with Big Horn, and we look forward to seeing you online soon.