Our grocery store is stocked for the holidays

If you’re looking for a new twist on your traditional dishes, stop by our grocery store and Tasting Rooms for free samples. Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil from Stony Brook Farms is the perfect complement to our Pepitas in salads and soups. So you can drizzle and shake over roasted veggies for a nutty finish. Both the oil and seeds are also a delicious addition to ice creams, custards, souffles and anything else you can imagine.

California Wine and Champagne Wafers are a delightful accompaniment to every wine. Simply pop a bite into your mouth, swallow a sip of your favorite wine and voila! A little flavor explosion of lemon and vanilla, chocolate and mocha or raspberry and almond makes your evening glass into a sweet treat! These artisan wine wafers are also yummy when paired with tea, coffee, or nothing at all. So no matter which flavor you choose, you’re going to love it! You can even buy all three and give it as a gift! Sample all flavors in our grocery store, so you know exactly what you’re giving.

Terrapin Ridge Farms offer our favorite dips, jams, mustards, and relishes. And we can hardly wait to share samples with you. Whether you’re serving a veggie dish or spreading on a sandwich, these spreads are highly craved and sought after. Dress up your cream cheese or finish a chicken breast coming off the grill with Hot Pepper Bacon Jam. Mix some whipped cream cheese together with Sweet Beet and Horseradish Mustard for a simple vegetable dip. We love the spicy Mango Habanero jam and Pineapple Habanero dip. They’re fantastic for spicing up marinades.

Almondina cookies are lining our shelves for the holidays. Choconut, Pistachio and Almond, Ginger Spice, Cinnamon and more are all perfect goodies to serve with coffee or tea after a meal. They would also be a wonderful surprise in someone’s Christmas stocking. Watch out – these cookies are difficult to stop eating. Once the package is opened, good luck!

Maple syrups from Butternut Mountain Farms are always a welcome addition during the fall and winter months. Choose from Sweet Autumn, Sweet Bourbon, Sweet Chai, and Sweet Heat flavors. All syrups are straight from Vermont and a gobsmacking addition to pancakes, marinades, meat rubs and more. Tap our Tasting Room for a taste. You may want to stock up. They’re only around this time of year. And once they’re gone, they’re gone until next year.

As you can see, we have been busy stocking our shelves. We look forward to making your holiday gifts unique and appreciated. You can’t go wrong when you shop Big Horn Olive Oil Company for holiday gifts. We’re the specialty grocery store near you have been looking for. Bring your friends and family for a tasting tour. We’ll see you soon. For recipes and ideas, visit BHOOC.com.