Raspberry Lemonade

Can Lemonade be refreshing & tasty, but also truly healthy? This recipe answers with a resounding “YES”!

Let’s not beat around the bush… (or – if I may – “lemon tree”). Lemonade is typically a beverage so saturated with unnatural amounts of sugar, it’s vaguely surprising there’s no “Type II Diabetes” warning on the label.

However, not all lemonade recipes are deserving of this bad rap!

Here’s one take on Raspberry Lemonade that is not only refreshing on a hot day, but boasts several, legitimate health benefits:

🍋 11 less grams of sugar than “average” lemonade

🍋 There’s ZERO stuff added that you definitely do not want in your life (e.g. additional sugar, aspartame, Sucralose, maltodextrin, corn syrup, etc.)

🍋 This recipe features two kinds of balsamic vinegars – a natural probiotic

🍋 The balsamics also help regulate appetite

🍋 And finally – balsamic vinegar is a carminative, so it can help ease GI distress



Mix together and pour over ice cubes. Simple, healthy, and VERY delicious!

Enjoy! :blush: