Award-winning Spanish olive oil is at Big Horn Olive Oil Company

The world’s finest Spanish olive oil is available once again. Anytime we can get the olive oil from Melgarejo or Oro Bailen farms, we know our discerning patrons will be pleased. Both olives produce an emerald green oil that is rich and viscous. This year’s Spanish Picual olive oil boasts a 276.6 parts per million antioxidant count. This number qualifies the oil as a “medium” in terms of pungency. Hojiblanca Ultra Premium olive oil is our most “robust” for the season. It heralds a hearty 406.8 ppm for its biophenol count.

UC Davis Olive Center has done numerous studies on the health benefits of fresh olive oil. They have reported that true extra virgin olive oils with at least a 161 ppm phenol count may drop diastolic blood pressure. We’re now seeing that the olive oil with 300 ppm and above drop both blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. You can Google olive oil and blood pressure for more information. It’s wonderful to know that Spanish olive oil and other oils at Big Horn Olive Oil Company are fresh and healthy too! When we find good food sources, we really can use it to supplement vitamins and nutrients. Your food should be medicine for your body!

It’s even better to know that all of our Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oils have traceable health benefits. For any olive oil to be considered as Ultra Premium oil, it must present at least a 139 ppm phenol count. So no matter which Big Horn olive oil you purchase, they each have live antioxidants that fight free radicals. When you learn that health begins at a cellular level, it really does matter what you feed your body. For this year’s Northern Hemisphere harvest, we highly recommend our world-renown Spanish olive oils. Pick up your bottle before the end of July.