The grocery store you have been searching

This grocery store is worth the trip! Big Horn Olive Oil Company has three Tasting Rooms in Nevada.  Looking for a grocery store near me? Google us for directions to either Mayberry Landing or SouthCreek Shopping Center in Reno, or to Pueblo Place balsamic vinegar store in Las Vegas. The bulk of our business is in fresh Ultra Premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars, but we’re a gourmet goody shop too.

Have you ever had jams or mustards from Terrapin Ridge Farms?  Currently, we carry six different kinds.  If you like jams, we carry hot pepper bacon, apple horseradish, and hot pepper raspberry preserves.  For our mustard fans, we have smoky onion, raspberry honey, and sweet beet with horseradish.  Jams and mustards grace our shelves all year long.  Stop by for a sample when you’re in the neighborhood.

Did you know our gourmet grocery store also carries Spanish olives?  Whether you like whole or stuffed olives, we have quite the selection.  Almonds, garlic, orange and lemon rinds are only some of the ingredients you’ll find in our stuffed olives.  Our whole queen olives are very meaty and make a healthy snack.  Whether you’re a martini drinker or just an olive snacker, the grocery store near me has just what you’re looking for.

You could shop at Big Horn tasting rooms and stock your kitchen with all kinds of goodies.  While you’re in our balsamic vinegar store, check our traditional dark balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy.  You’ll never be able to buy your balsamic in a regular store again.  Our dark balsamic vinegar is cooked to caramelization in copper barrels and aged up to eighteen years.  A-Premium white balsamic vinegar is not cooked as much, so it retains more acidity.  Cranberry Pear, Sicilian Lemon, and Coconut are just a few of these tasty delicacies.

If it’s olive oil, balsamic vinegar or gourmet snacks you want, Big Horn Olive Oil Company has it.  Come by Monday through Saturday, between 10 am and 6 pm to sample and have some fun!  Bring your friends and family.  You can also check out all our flavors online at  We’ll see you soon.