The olive Las Vegas has awaited is here

Where do you buy an olive Las Vegas carries locally? Of course, you can find gourmet Spanish olives at Big Horn Olive Oil Company. Our shelves are stocked like an olive grocery at the front of our tasting room. Sample from a selection of garlic stuffed, almond stuffed, lemon or orange peel stuffed olives. We also carry red chili stuffed olives. Some of our Manzanilla olives are brined with garlic and rosemary. If you like, spice, we recommend the spicy picked cocktail for your martinis and cheese boards. Big Horn Olive Grocery has just what you’re looking for.

Our shelves currently have ten to twelve different olive types on our shelves. We even carry pickled sweet garlic. And the best part is, you can try an olive Las Vegas before you buy a jar. We wouldn’t want you going home with olives you might not like. So we always have fresh samples on hand. Just ask our staff to taste. We’re happy to share as many olives as you’d like to try. We wouldn’t feel right calling ourselves an olive grocery if we didn’t sample our olives. Come by between meals and enjoy an olive Las Vegas feast while you’re here.

So, now that you know where to shop for an olive Las Vegas, the question is, when should you stop by? We hope to see you as soon as possible! Our olives are all in decorative glass jars. They make a perfect host or welcome gift. And when you purchase olives as gifts, we’ll wrap them for free. We always have adorable bags with colorful tissue and ribbon ready for wrapping. If you’re doing your holiday shopping, stop by for pre-wrapped gifts. Or, you can choose the olive and we’ll do the wrapping. You’ll have all your olive fans hooked on Big Horn Olive Oil Company.