What is the best olive oil for cooking?

Light, mild and extra virgin. These are all words used to describe the best olive oil for cooking. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t know what those words mean. When you’re working with olive oil, it’s likely you’re not familiar with the real stuff. Much of what lands in the U.S. are fake. We are easily cheated out of good money for a poor quality product when shopping for the precious commodity,  The saddest part is that we think we’re helping our health by buying slick imitations.

If you visited Europe, you would find at least one high-quality olive oil and vinegar store near the markets. Because fresh olive oil is available, suppliers want you to taste their offerings. So shops make the finest oils and vinegars available for tasting. In America, this trend is becoming more popular and is necessary to avoid buying sub-par olive oil. Types of olives don’t matter as much as how they are picked and crushed. And of course, it’s always good to know your source.

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The best olive oil for cooking is any fresh and unadulterated olive oil from a traceable source. Shopping at BHOOC.com is a great way to try oils crushed from different types of olives. Our oils change every six months, so it’s always fresh. Stop by the nearest tasting room to experience what we already know. We look forward to sharing lots of ideas with you.