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Experience taste you won’t find in your local supermarket.

Cathy R. / Google Review

Having never tasted quality balsamics and olive oils, I had no idea what was in store when I happened upon this pretty storefront in Reno. What an experience!


Packed with antioxidant biophenols, exceeding EVOO standards

Very low free fatty acid content

Vegan, dairy free, soy free


Milling begins within 2-4 hours of harvest

Bottles shipped to customers within 1-3 months of harvest

Enjoy within 4 months of opening bottle for best taste

Exceeds Extra Virgin Olive Oil Standards

Our olive oils greatly exceed the Extra Virgin standards. You won’t find any comparison in your local supermarkets.

Chemical ClassificationOur MeasurementExtra Virgin Standards
Biophenols (higher is better)491 ppmNo standard (typically ~100 ppm)
Oleic Acid (higher is better)79.8%55%
DAGs (higher is better)97%35%
Free Fatty Acids (lower is better)0.21%0.8%
Peroxide (lower is better)3.70 mEQ O2/kg20.00 mEQ O2/kg

Best in Class Olive Oils

Our partners are recognized internationally at the most prestigious competitions for producing the highest quality olive oils in the world.