Apricot White Balsamic Vinegar


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Our Blenheim Apricot White Balsamic Vinegar condimento, aged up to 12 years, is juicy, fragrant, sweet, slightly tart, and simply mouth-watering. With the enticing flavor of fresh, ripe apricot, it tastes like summer in a bottle. Blenheim apricots are harvested for their sweet, tart and intense aroma of honeysuckle. Whether you are glazing chicken or dress a block of Brie cheese for baking, our Blenheim Apricot White Balsamic Vinegar is sure to please. Also great in your water for free probiotics, appetite suppressant and diuretic. Our recommended applications include dressing, vinaigrettes, glaze, reduction, marinade, fruit salad, chicken, or grilling.

Free shipping for orders above $100!