Packed with antioxidant biophenols, exceeding EVOO standards

Very low free fatty acid content

Vegan, dairy free, soy free


Milling begins within 2-4 hours of harvest

Bottles shipped to customers within 1-3 months of harvest

Enjoy within 4 months of opening bottle for best taste


Multiple varietals of olives

Dozens of infused flavors

Always pure EVOO, never mixed with other oils

Looking for delicious and healthy olive oils at an affordable price?

We source our Extra Virgin Olive Oils from the highest quality harvests and hold our partners to the most rigorous, independently tested standards. We even show you the lab results right on our product pages.

Only the top 5% of harvests in the world make the cut! The ones that do have earned our Ultra Premium EVOO designation.

We offer a wide variety of pure and infused flavor UP EVOOs, as well as top-tier balsamic vinegars to make the perfect combination for every cuisine.

We enjoy sharing that passion for healthy EVOO & balsamic vinegar with all!

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Myths busted!

“You can’t cook with olive oil”

Wrong! A high-quality olive oil will have a high smoke point. If your olive oil is burning when you bake with it, you’re using a low grade olive oil!

Our EVOOs are rated with a smoke point at or above 410°F.

“Buying a large container of olive oil is smart shopping”

Be careful! Even a well-kept olive oil will degrade and go rancid over time. Buying a size of container that can be consumed within weeks or a few months after opening is smart shopping to deliver the maximum amount of freshness and quality from the oil.

For the best tasting experience, we recommend consumption within 9 months of the olive oil crush date.

Source: The UC Davis Olive Center

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We recommend starting with our EVOO Oil & Balsamic Sampler Set to become familiar with our products! Join us for a culinary adventure.

We offer only the finest quality products imported from partners abroad and those produced by local farmers right here in the US, via our supplier Veronica Foods. We pride ourselves on being the best oil company you can find in the Northern Nevada area.

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